Monday, January 19, 2015

Gray Sweaters

They're taking over Pinterest. The above one looks so thick and cozy.

(Image from DTTSP)

Just Thoughts

January 2015. I'm 27 years old. (Yipes, how did that happen?!) With the premiere of this podcast on January 9, I've delicately changed the way I face my worrisome and negative thoughts for the better. (Dr. Maisel's daily lessons for better mental health are also very helpful.)

My thoughts that don't serve me are just (merely) thoughts. My nightmares are just bad dreams. It doesn't mean that my thoughts or dreams are really going to come true, or that I'm going to fail. My thoughts of the past are simple recollections that pop into my head. I don't need to give them credit for anything; I can just let them go.

The homonym "just" is an adjective that can describe something as morally right and fair, or only and merely. In that light, I hope my blog will be both a humble and righteous collection of thoughts that serve me and will serve you too.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Poem for Newlyweds

May your love endure forever
May your hearts be kind
And your smiles sweet
May your eyes brighten when you meet
May your memories
Give you goosebumps under willow trees
May you seek and find
Their arms intertwined
May our love endure forever

(Photo by Tyler Branch)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Criminal Podcast

Missing Serial? Criminal is the only other podcast I've found thus far to be as gripping as Serial. Interviews with criminals (including a teen who "broke" the Internet, and a once-successful counterfeiter) eradicate the mystery behind their crimes. Other episodes are less directly related to crime (for example, the thirteenth podcast is on an elderly couple's connection to crime writer Raymond Chandler), but each one, in its own surprising way, tells a story I never thought I'd hear.

Criminal's episode art (shown above) is by Julienne Alexander. Here's her take on the podcast:

Criminal's three producers -- Pheobe, Lauren, and Eric -- are doing a great thing: they're presenting real stories about crime from every angle, keeping it bright and compelling even when the subjects center on the dark, the unjust, and the selfish. Some humans perform dreadful acts, some are victims, and some make those stories captivating for wide radio audience. I'm happy to be a part of the action. 

We're glad you're a part of it too, Julienne!

P.S. While dedicated to Serial and Criminal, I am also looking forward to NPR's new podcast, Invisibilia, to be released on January 9.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The State of Serial

I, along with many people in the world right now, am a fan of Serial. The story is a fascinating wild goose chase with many legs. After I watch Serial, I then watch the Slate podcast and read Rabia Chaudry's blog to learn how others view the evidence. (I still have yet to read posts on LL2, but hope to get to it at some point.) If you're having trouble comprehending the timeline, IBT displays a helpful graphic.

Where we are now in the series (9 episodes in) is where Serial will likely end: with Sarah Koenig unsure of Adnan Syed's guilt. A definitive ending would mean Koenig would have to pull a rabbit out of her hat, and I don't think that's going to happen. The Innocence Project is re-investigating the case, but that's all we know.

As I've learned from Dateline, cases live way beyond a TV episode. In other words, cases don't just end with a conviction; appeals take place; people can be absolved from conviction; and others can be convicted in their place. So Syed's case is like many others -- ongoing. It will continue to evolve after this podcast ends. The saddest part is that grief for the Syed and Lee families will also linger, and may never end.

The good news for Serial followers? There will be a Season 2.

(Image by Marc van der Chijs)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Writing, Written, Wrote

Writing, written, wrote
Smote (in my mind)
The man who told me no.
Wrote my anger
Wrote my distress---
It deflated with the pen's thump-ump
On the white wooden desk
And the thump-ump in my chest.

(Photo by Elisa Dudnikova)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Letter to July

Dear July,

You and I have a very sentimental relationship. I've always ruminated when watching your fireworks. Since the year is half-way through, you have a way of making me reflect on the past year and what is to come. The latter of which is completely unknown to me.

But I do know that I am much better than I was this time last year, thanks to support from some new people in my life and some old ones who have been there all along. What have I learned in a year, you may ask? Well, I know that days I think are going to be perfect may turn out to be horrible, and vice versa. I can't control what happens in any given day, but my current motto is to make today better than yesterday. That seems to help.


(Thank you Emily for your own lovely Letters to July, for they inspired me to write this post. Above photo by Mischelle)